Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Good News

As reported on the BBC news website, the ugly Westgate house in Newcastle has been completely demolished after blighting the city for 35 years. It is to be replaced with new buildings which `would fit in with the architecture of the area`. Who knows where this might end? Is this a trend that will spread to the ecclesiastical sphere? I`m sure readers will have their own favourite horror stories of 19th century churches whose interiors have been rendered ridiculous by the insertion of say a huge bare white marble altar or some such item.


Anonymous said...

There is a horror story in the making at St Wilfrid's, York. Despite widespread opposition from the laity, the sanctuary is about to be reordered and the altar rails relegated to a side chapel. And because the faculty from the diocese runs out next month, it's all going to be done in a tearing hurry.

Fr Michael Brown said...

I remember St Wilfrid`s York being in the news a few years ago when there was a campaign against proposed alterations. I hadn`t realised they hadn`t yet happened. How sad.

Hebdomadary said...

Good Lord, did they really build that modern monstrosity hard by that lovely house? Or is that Novus Ordo parish church next to the Victorian rectory?