Thursday, March 21, 2013

The FSSP and Longbenton

Sadly this is not to announce that the FSSP (Priestly Fraternity of St Peter) have been given a church in the diocese of Hexham and Newcastle. While we have a few redundant churches I think we will wait a long time before our diocese catches up with the universal Church and is open to Ecclesia Dei societies. No, what it is is that I recently received the new issue of the FSSP quarterly magazine `Dowry` and was surprised to see a photo on page 8 of children from St Stephen`s primary with their inspirational headteacher, Mr Fallon, at Twickenham for the papal visit in 2010 as part of an article on Catholic education! The whole magazine is available online and can be found here.


ScepticalBeliever said...

Has anyone recently (i.e. this year or during the last twelve months)asked Bishop Cunningham if he would (re)consider inviting the FSSP to take over one of our redudant churches in Hexham and Newcastle?

David O'Neill said...

Bishop Cunningham has been approached both personally & in writing. It is felt that he has probably already decided not to move forward but we must await his eventual response.