Saturday, March 23, 2013

`Can you say that I'm too old, when the angels have stolen my red shoes?`

I wasn`t too fussed that Pope Francis had decided not to wear the papal red shoes. After this post by the FSSR I`m beginning to think again. I didn`t think papal non-liturgical garb was formalised in the first millennium but I want to look into this more. If it`s true I`d be very sad to see the end of a tradition with such long roots.

On the other hand I can`t get this song out of my head at the minute.

Apologies to all those who don`t like Elvis Costello.

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TLW said...

I admit I do like Elvis Costello's music, but I completely forgot about this song, which I always remembered because of its opening lines.(Well I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused, etc) Now when I hear it I'll think of Pope Francis. I could not care less if he doesn't want to wear the red shoes, so long as he carries the cross he's been given and preaches Christ Crucified. God bless.