Saturday, March 31, 2012

Liturgical Question

Last Saturday at York I was surprised to find the deacons at thhe throne were only in choir dress without dalmatics. We were also one priest short so our assistant priest had to double up as a deacon. However Fortescue does say that the deacons at the throne do not wear vestments. I`m sure I have seen them in dalmatics before, over choir dess and in fact this was what happened at New Brighton with the assistant priest in cope. Can anyone, such as Rubricarius, throw any light on this?


Et Expecto said...

Accoirding to Fortescue, choir dress is worn by deacons at the throne when the bishop presides, whereas dalmatics are worn when the bishop celebrates.

This does not explain why dalmatics were used at New Brighton, where Bishopm Davies presided as was the case with Bishop Drainey at York.

I can think of two explainations. Fortescue is widely accepted as the ultimate authority in English speaking countries, but other books exist elsewhere, and often describe different practices.

The second explanation is the propensity of the Institute of Christ the King to put extra emphasis on solemnity.

Rubricarius said...

Fr. B.,

I share Et Expecto's view above but have a higher view of Fortescue. 'Ceremonies', although loathed by its author, is right 99% of the time.

Having just checked in Le Vavasseur, Favrin and Waplehorst (the only authors I haven in London) they all agree with Fortescue and state choir dress is worn by the AP and ADs when the bishop presides in cope or cappa.