Friday, March 16, 2012

Fr Barron in Hexham and Newcastle: bad news for beige Catholics

I must say I hadn`t heard of Fr Barron at all until yesterday when a letter went out inviting the clergy, religious and catechists  inviting us to a meeting in April introducing his `Catholicism` project. He is appearing at the Centre for Catholic Studies at Durham university on April 24th too. So I`ve been looking him up. Here he is on Youtube. I must say my initial reactions are rather favourable.

 And the official introduction video to the Catholicism series:


Holy Family Guild said...

'Catholicism' Series looks good and you can get international region 2 DVD but postage is hefty. Do you think he will have copies for sale in April? Do you need to book for this? It's not on the Catholic Studies Centre website. Maria met him in Melbourne and was impressed.

Fr Michael Brown said...

I have made inquiries and Fr Barron will be bringing his DVD`s to sell. No real need to book but Fr McCoy asked me to let him know about numbers.

David O'Neill said...

This looks like a priest who is going to be listened to. It is worrying that non believers'use' Catholic teaching against us but is it surprising when we consider the lack of deep teaching of the Faith in our schools? I recall it being said that we were "brainwashed" in school with the catechism but, sadly, the other side of the coin is being shown when our young people are taught so little of the Faith in achool

vetusta ecclesia said...

This used to be called "The Counter-Reformation".Can we do it as well as our ancestors?

Sadie Vacantist said...

I'm sorry but I just don't get his film reviews. Intellectually Fr Barron is living "on the reservation". He simply doesn't speak to a modern audience in the way Fulton Sheen used to.

Yorkmum said...

Are you able to give a link to further information about this seminar, Fr Brown? I've looked over at the Centre for Catholic Studies website and I can't find anything about this at all.

Thanks in anticipation

Fr Michael Brown said...

Yorkmum, this is from the CCS site:

In an exciting pre-cursor to our 2012 Year of Faith later this year, on Wednesday 25th April, the Centre for Catholic Studies will host the UK launch of the 'Catholicism' series, in partnership with the St. Cuthbert's Catholic Chaplaincy at Durham University. On the evening of Thursday 26th April, Fr Barron will deliver the Word on Fire Lecture at Durham University entitled "St. Thomas Aquinas and Why the New Atheists are Right!" Following the launch in RCDHN, the CCS has organised a UK tour of Catholicism' screenings in partnership with the Archdiocese of Liverpool, St. Mary's College, Oscott and the Archdiocese of Westminster.

On Thursday 26th April, Bishop Seamus has endorsed a diocesan afternoon event for clergy, catechists and educators at St. Robert of Newminster in Washington which will also be attended by the CCS' Bede Chair of Catholic Theology, Professor Lewis Ayres.

A team from EWTN (St. Clare's Media) will be following Fr Barron's UK tour to make a documentary about Catholicism and New Evangelisation in the UK. Details of how to get involved will be released closer to the time.

To register your interest in attending either/both of the public events, please contact:
Theresa Phillips at the Centre for Catholic Studies on 0191 334 1656 or at

The 'Catholicism' Launch will take place at St. Cuthbert's Catholic Chaplaincy on Wednesday 25th April at 6:30pm and will be followed by a more intimate drinks reception hosted by Fr Barron. Entry to the Launch itself is completely free but, owing to anticipated attendance, you MUST register for this event in advance and will be provided with a ticket by the CCS. Entry to the drinks reception is £5 which must be paid in advance of this event.

The 'Word on Fire Lecture' and subsequent reception will be held at the Pemberton Rooms on Palace Green on Thursday 26th April at 5:30pm. Entry to the lecture and reception is £5 in total and must be paid in advance of the event. Attendees will be provided with a ticket for this event also: should you attend both events, you will receive one ticket which will give you entry to both events.

Payment for either/both public events can be made out to:
'Durham University - Centre for Catholic Studies'
Please register your interest in this event as soon as possible as tickets are expected to go quickly.

For any other information, please contact:
Andrew Harston at the Centre for Catholic Studies on 07748 106320 or at

Fr Michael Brown said...

Sorry it was on the diocesan site.