Friday, December 31, 2010

Southwell Books

I was very sorry to hear by email today that Southwell Books is closing. It is sad to hear this so soon after Family Publications closed recently too. I presume Carmel of Plymouth is still going and may even have a website by now. It is sad as I often found that some books I was after were not available from Amazon and the ret but could be found at Southwell books. Many thanks to Mike and Mary Lord for all their hard work over the past five years.


David Joyce said...

Yes, a great pity. Many thanks to Mary and Michael for their great service to Catholics in this country, and elsewhere too.

St. Anthony Comms is still going at this address:

although they have tended to specialise more in audio / DVD's, they still have a reasonable selection of books.

Anonymous said...

Carmel of Plymouth is still up and running, although now known as Carmel Books.

Our contact details are as follows:

Carmel Books
Blackford House
Andover Road
RG20 9PF

Telephone: 01635 255340