Thursday, September 09, 2010

Catholic Church in England: Mark Dowd on Radio 4

I caught bits and pieces of Mark Dowd`s Radio 4 programme this morning on the state of the Catholic Church in England today. I thought it was very good in that it gave a voice to all the shades of Catholic opinion and let the listener decide what to think. I couldn`t hear it all but it is repeated tonight at 9.30 and I`m sure will be on the iplayer after that. I did manage to hear most of the stuff about Blackfen and to hear Fr Finigan interviewed and I thought he put his points across very well. The young Catholic who said the great thing about being a Catholic is that you can pick and choose what you want to believe made my heart sink the most.
There is a thoughtful review on The Sensible Bond.


Mulier Fortis said...

Not quite the hatchet-piece I'd originally feared. It could have been a lot worse. I'm just sorry they didn't use quotes from the teenagers whom they interviewed at Blackfen...

At least they kept my "Truth is not subject to a majority vote" quote!

Patricia Phillips said...

Archbishop Nichols was misleading listeners about the Soho Masses. He has received irrefutable evidence that the Masses are being run by and for those who openly oppose Catholic teaching on homosexuality. Past and present members of the Soho Mass Committee have identified themselves as either practising homosexuals; in 'marriages', civil partnerships or same-sex relationships; openly opposed to Catholic teaching on homosexuality and related issues (such as homosexual adoption and AIDS prevention); or affiliated to anti-Catholic, pro-‘gay’ groups, such as Stonewall. Not one has stated that they fully support Catholic teaching on homosexuality. Some of the Soho Mass committee have been proven to be instrumental in campaigning for anti-Catholic, pro ‘gay’ legislation, regarding civil partnerships, the adoption of children by homosexuals and so-called ‘equality’ legislation, which threatens the very freedom of the Church to speak out on moral issues. Archbishop Nichols has been made aware of all of this and has been shown indisputable evidence. Three factual articles on the Soho Masses can be found at:-
A fourth article for Christian Order on the Soho Masses is in the pipeline.