Thursday, June 10, 2010

Solemn High Mass for SS Peter and Paul

I am glad to be able to say that there will be a Solemn High Mass again this year at SS Peter and Paul`s, Longbenton on June 29th at 7pm. This year the choir of St George`s Anglican church, Cullercoats will sing Haydn`s Little Organ Mass and the proper will be sung by the Jarrow schola. Refreshments afterwards.


1569 Rising said...

St George's Choir are quite superb, and if their Mass is as polished as their Stella Mass in March, we are in for a treat.

I have wondered at the lack of postings on Forest Murmurs in the last few days, where are Sceptical Believer, Leo, Em etc? Maybe they are busy studying the E&W Bishops "Welcome(?) to the Pope" booklet, and are feeling so depressed that they cannot face Murmuring in the Forest.

We are all missing the serious posts about Milvain Club, Dancing Sisters and The Cure's potatoes.

ScepticalBeliever said...

ScepticalBeliever will ride again! The role of the Cure d'Ars in the Irish Famine will certainly be touched upon and, maybe, just maybe, Dancing Nuns. Meanwhile I am 'busy studying the B & W "Welcome to the Pope" booklet' and when the depression lifts will get back to serious matters (such as keeping 1569 Rising entertained).

King Edward said...

1569 - I am quite happy to discuss the Milvain Club which I remember well after whizzing past it twice a day on the old trolley buses. However, I am more intrigued about your reference to The Cure's potatoes. The Cure, as you know, is a group of musicians probably best described as an 'alternative rock band'. I was not aware that they had an interest in potatoes. Some of their more popular songs, however, do have a link with religion - such as 'Faith', 'Sign From God', Prayers for Rain', Your God is Fear', and especially 'The End of the World'. They also did a song entitled 'Plainsong' which sounds quite acceptable.

On reflection, perhaps you are thinking of 'The French Connection' where your error is not really grave but simply acute. I am sure that the good 'Curé' would be able to explain the difference.

Richard S Rainbow said...

Perhaps you would consider posting some directions as to how to get to the church? It is certainly not easy to find the entrance when travelling by car (is there any other way of travelling?)and I sometimes wonder how many people are still wandering round Longbenton Estate looking for it!

1569 Rising said...

I am delighted that the Septic Believer is studying the Bishops' Booklet, and that he will soon recover from his depression. He does raise an interesting subject - the role of the Cure of Ars in cornering the market in potatoes and subsequently causing famine all over the world. We should be told!

It is not good enough for King Edward to come here masquerading as a Royal Personage, since he does not indicate which King Edward he is, although with his knowledge of acute and grave French thingys, it would indicate that he is the Edward who ran off to France with his American floozy, leaving us, his subjects, with merely a taytie named after him.
As far as the Milvain Club goes, that had nothing to do with me. Septic Believer introduced the subject when he recalled dancing with some Sisters there in times distantly past. His Majesty refers to trolley buses "whizzing" past the club - I did not experience trolley buses "whizzing" anywhere, especially since the trolleys came off the wires when doing the tight turn at the Fox & Hounds, and the conductor valiently wielding the long bamboo pole. (Now, there's an image to ponder).
I must confess never to have heard of an "alternative rock band" named after the saintly Cure. Do they back those three Irish Priests, who, I understand, sing Plainchant and 3-part versions of "Full in the Panting Heart of Rome" and "Faith of our Fathers"?

Unless, of course, King Edward is the First - hammered any Scots lately? Or maybe the Sixth, and is busy wrecking Catholic Churches (ah, that has already been done by the Bishops of E & W)

ScepticalBeliever said...

King Edward is, of course, the King of Potatoes! Sadly, not always available (and they certainly would have been unknown to the Cure d'Ars) but worth searching for. Morrisons sometimes have them.
1569 might note that in my forthcoming dissertation I have no intention of trying to prove the Cure's role in cornering the potato market at the time of the Irish famine. There is, however, another equally grave issue which needs to be discussed. In fact, there may be two issues needing discussion.
Welcome, King Edward to this forum. I, too, remember the Nos 33, 33a and 33b trolleys buses but not their whizzing past the Milvain Club because they always had to stop there to pick up and drop off passengers. They really slowed down there.

King Edward said...

I am pleased that Sceptical Believer realised that I am the king of potatoes - and not some minor royal personage as described by 1569. How could he commit such a howler? I only joined this thread because 1569 mentioned The CURE'S potatoes. In fact everyone is talking about the Saintly CURE, or the CURE of Ars. Is this Cure of Ars something similar to a Cure in Lourdes? If 1569 missed the subtlety in my spelling I will make it more clear. The Cure's potatoes belong to a pop group of indeterminate quality - I cannot comment on the quality of the potatoes. The Curé's (Curay's) potatoes are spuds for a French priest. As I said, the error is acute but not grave but let us accent the positive in all things.

1569 Rising said...

I can hear faint murmurings of disapproval/irritation in the Forest at the tone of these current postings, but Sceptical Believer and His Majesty King Edward have raised crucial points which warrent discussion among a wider public.

My friend the Spectacular Believer has left us hanging in the air - he says that there are two "grave issues" which need resolving, first the role of the Cure in the Potato Famine, then fails to tell us what the second issue is. Please expand. Then he tells us that the trolley buses slowed down outside the Milvain Club to pick up and drop off passengers. I hope they did more than just slow down - stop would have been more conducive to Elfin Safety, surely.

His Majesty accuses me of not getting his grammatical and syntaxian pun on acute and grave thingys, and wants us to accent the positive. But here, I have a problem. Being a bit of a Euro Sceptic old Tory, my computer refuses to use accents - not just is it anti-French, but it is also anti-German/Austrian. I cannot persuade it to insert Umlauts into my text.

I know he is a Taytie, but he still has not told us which of the 8 King Edwards he is. We should be told.

ScepticalBeliever said...

1569 says there are: 'faint murmurings of disapproval/irritation in the Forest at the tone of these current postings'. I haven't noticed them myself but I think we should be told if there are.
My second preposition is (probably) the ethics of wasting food in a time of famine (even if in places some way away).
In the '60s most trolley buses were driven by West Indians who brought with them a welcome air of casualness towards passenger comfort and were often quite happy to allow one to jump on and off while the bus was still in motion, making it often unnessary to actually stop.
Sadly, while I would be more than happy to enlighten 1569 by the publication of my dissertation on this learned forum of frequent dissent I fear that editorial privilege may be exercised. I may have to offer it to the Sun newspaper (cheap at 30p I believe).

King Edward said...

1569 asks which King Edward I am. Obviously I am King Edward the First as I do not wish to be a chip off the old block.

Of course, I could have been a Purple Majesty potato (which produces excellent purple chips) which can claim royal connections. Purple Majesty potatoes are most suitable for serving to bishops and archbishops.

1569 has a problem with his accent (I had noticed by the way) so he would not be able to explain that the good Curé enjoyed sautéed potatoes. My computer is neither French nor German so I rely on English ingenuity.

To return to the original posting. I notice there will be refreshments afterwards. Crisps or chipsticks, perhaps?

1569 Rising said...

If the Rev Father will forgive me, I must correct my two friends, Spectacle Believer and His Majesty.

The Believer is implying in his recent post that the Venerable Cure was guilty of wasting food in a time of famine. This is, of course, a gross mis-representation. He would boil a large pan of potatoes on a Monday, and this would last him, as his only food, until the following Sunday. The only waste that may have occurred would have been towards the end of the week, when he would carefully remove slivers of black from the said vegetable. The amount "wasted" would hardly feed a gnat's flea. He also talks rubbish about West Indian trolley bus drivers. I remember quite splendid turbaned gentlemen, not normally associated with Her Majesty's Caribbean Dependancies.
He also threatens to send his dissertation of dissent to the Sun newspaper, and claims it only costs 30p. My copy this morning was actually 40p, someone has to pay the poor lady with a clothing problem on page 3.

King Edward is quite amusing with his potato puns, but it is becoming something of a mash up. To boil the matter down to its basics, as I have told our Believing friend, the Cure did not "sautee" his potatoes, but boiled them, therefore he would not need the King's "English Ingenuity" (a brand I have never heard of) computer, with its ability to insert acute and grave accents into his letters.

Also, since the Mass on June 29 is to be a sung Mass, I would have thought the refreshments would be, (continuing the spud theme), Quavers.

ScepticalBeliever said...

1569: 'Quavers' do not equal 'refreshments' except as a penance (a rather extreme penance) during Lent. The feast of SS Peter and Paul does not occur in Lent.

1569 Rising said...

Sceptical Believer is being picky. There is nothing wrong with Quavers, ewspecially the cheeses and onion variety. I could have suggested Pork Scratchings, but since both Peter and Paul were of the Hebrew Persuasion, I didn't want to cause offence.

Has this thread died?

King Edward said...

To get back to the original post, the only quavers on show will be those sung by the choir. Let's not get too silly.