Monday, October 05, 2009

Tutorial Videos on the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite

Here is a series of Youtube videos giving instruction on celebrating the Extraordinary Form of Mass. The commentary is in Italian but I`m sure it will be useful to those who don`t have Italian who may use it in conjunction with Fortescue or Zualdi. I particularly liked the demonstrations of how not to do things together with a large X across the screen. It is good to see it is catching on in Italy. When I was in Tuscany last year I was pleasantly surprised to see how many churches had the EF. Thanks to Giorgio Roversi for the link.

Here`s one part of the series:

UPDATE: Now available with English commentary here.


Giorgio Roversi said...

Thank you father for the post.

I'll be in contact with the Italian website which promoted the videos to see if it's possible to publish an English version.

I'm sure priests in this country and elsewhere will find the videos useful and inspiring.

BJR said...

Bowing to the altar cross at Gloria patri or at the Holy Name and Oremus is not part of the 1962 Missal's rubrics; likewise the celebrant has considerable freedom in opening and re-joining his hands, unlike previous editions of the missal.