Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cardinal Arinze

Many readers of this blog probably also read Rorate Caeli but for those who don`t, then these remarks of Cardinal Arinze, the recently retired head of the Congregation for Divine Worship, at the closing Solemn Mass of the Ninth FABC Plenary Assembly in Manila, the Philippines, on 16 Aug. 2009 may be of interest. The full report is here. While the conference was concerned with Asia I don`t see these remarks as being irrelevant elsewhere.
In the Latin Rite, only concelebrating priests take Holy Communion. Everyone else is given, be the person cleric or lay. It is not right that the priest discard any of the vestments just because the climate is hot or humid. If necessary, the Bishop can arrange the use of lighter cloth. It is altogether unacceptable that the celebrant will opt for local dress in the place of universally approved Mass vestments or use baskets, or wine glasses to distribute the Holy Eucharist. This is inculturation wrongly understood . . . .
Dance in particular needs to be critically examined because most dances draw attention to the performers and offer enjoyment. People come to Mass, not for recreation but, to adore God, to praise and thank him, to ask pardon for their sins, and to request other spiritual and temporal needs

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Unknown said...

Amen to what the Cardinal said!
It's about time we removed the clowns from the church.