Friday, August 21, 2009

Tablet and the `marginal` Extraordinary Form

I was glad to see a letter from bishop Alan Hopes in the Tablet today regarding their editorial of last week about the LMS training session at London Colney.

The second paragraph reads:

By providing this conference for priests wishing to learn the extraordinary rite, the Diocese of Westminster is not only affirming the importance of the worthy celebration of the liturgy and proper attention that priests should pay to good celebration but also reminding us that the diocesanbishop is the moderator, promoter and guardian of the whole diocese`s liturgical life. He is not "seeking to nip potential schism in the bud" or suggesting that the place of the Tridentine Rite is "necessarily marginal".

Later the letter draws attention to the need for liturgical participation to be both internal and external and that to reduce it to solely external signs is misguided.

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