Friday, December 26, 2008

The Hidden Story of Jesus

I hadn`t intended to watch Channel 4`s take on the Christmas story last night but I found myself doing so. It held no surprises as Geza Vermes and other academics offered their interpretations of what might have happened at the first Christmas. What I did enjoy, however were the responses of archbishop Vincent Nichols to these theories. He spoke clearly and intelligently in putting forward the orthodox Catholic position on the Nativity. For what it`s worth, out of the three names (Nichols, Smith and Roche) mentioned as being leading contenders to be archbishop of Westminster, I think he would be the best. Oh well, no doubt we`ll soon know.


Anonymous said...

Vincent Nichols is a very intelligent man and would certainly be up to the role but no-one seems to know exactly where he stands. He has been very supportive of the EF in Oxford but then again he wants to have muslim prayer rooms in catholic schools. Personally I think the appointment of the next Archbishop is a critical point for the future of the church in England. If the Pope doesn't appoint an orthodox outsider (who will need to have saintly levels of fortitude) then we can get ready to turn the lights off in about 20 years time.

Fr Michael Brown said...

About twenty years is the estimate our former bishop Ambrose, gave us when he estimated that by 2028 there would be -5,000 Catholics in this diocese if present trends continue!