Thursday, August 21, 2008


Once again this blog has been rather quiet. Maybe it`s because it`s August. I have however had a series of distinguished visitors. A few weeks ago James Mawdsley of Ecce Mater Tua called by. I was fascinated to hear about his time in Burma and how this all arises from his Catholic faith.

Next was Fr Massie of Hull who does not have a blog but who features often on the Catholic and Loving it blog. Fr Massie does marvellous work with Catholic youth through the Hull Faith forum, where I was once invited to give a talk. I think I called it Evangelisation of Culture in the Fourth Century but it was really about Prudentius.

Then Fr John Boyle called by yesterday and stayed over. As readers will know he is the author of South Ashford Priest and it was a pleasure to exchange experiences of parish life and priesthood.

Next week sees the arrival of another Southwark priest Fr Charles Briggs who does not blog but who features fairly regularly and indeed features today on the Hermeneutic of Continuity as he is in a neighbouring parish to Fr Tim Finigan. So maybe this is why things have been quiet of late but maybe I`ve just not felt that inspired. I would like to show some pictures The Old Believer has sent me of liturgical experiments of the 40`s and 50`s but I can`t work out how to get pictures from Word documents to display as pictures on Blogger.

It could just be the unrelentingly awful summer. Today we saw the sun and blue skies for the first time in weeks.


roydosan said...

One way to get the pictures is to right click and then "Save As" If that doesn't work you can press "print screen" (this might be abbreviated to Prt Sc) on your keypad. Open up MS Paint and then press Ctrl + V. You can then select the area of the picture, right click, select cut. right click, select paste. You can then save the image as a JPEG and upload to blogger.

Anonymous said...

Try saving the Word document as a HTML file which should then separate the images from the document into different files. (I should say I'm not a Word user, preferring

Ttony said...


if this is teaching Grandma, then please forgive me. Have you tried right-clicking on the picture in the .doc, then doing "save as" to where you keep your pictures, then uploading them as usual to the Blog?

madame evangelista said...

This is one way to retrieve pictures from a word document that I know works (a convoluted version of anonymous's suggestion):

1) click once on the picture in the word document to select it. A thin black border will appear around it.

2) go to the edit menu on the toolbar and select 'edit picture'. This should open it up in a separate document.

3) save this new document as a html file, by clicking 'save copy as' and then selecting the .html file ending

4) open up the new html document, right-click the picture, and save as a jpg.

Anonymous said...

Save-as applied to an image from within a Word doc can result in an image of significantly poorer quality (something to do with not every pixel saved).

Mulier Fortis said...

Heheheheh... see, Father, all you have to do to get visitors to the blog is to post regularly...

...and then, to see that you've had visitors, ask a question and wait for the answers to flood into your com-box!

We love you really!

Fr Michael Brown said...

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions about posting a picture from Word. I`ve tried them but withot sucess. It`s probably beyond my technical ability.

Mac Maclernon I think you may have misunderstood me! When I said this blog has been quiet I didn`t meant that I was worried about it not being visited much but that I hadn`t posted much. As it is the whole post was about the recent visitors to the presbytery not the blog.

Anyway thanks for stopping by.

Mulier Fortis said...

No, Father, I was being a little naughty and teasing you!