Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dumbing Down Again

A story in the news today reveals that the last examination board in the country to run an `A` level in Ancient History is abandoning the subject despite a huge growth in the number of candidates recently. (Ok so it only grew from 300 a year to 1,000 sitting the exam but it`s still a 300% increase.)

Peter Jones, Spokesman for the Co-ordinating Committee, said:

‘At a time when a generation of students has been stimulated by Boris Johnson’s TV series on the Roman Empire and numerous high-profile films such as Alexander, Gladiators and 300, it is a supreme irony that they will have no opportunity to pursue ancient history in depth post-16.’


John said...

Our school recieved an award for being the best school in the UK for Ancient History at AS level..

Just some shameless promotion!

Fr Michael Brown said...

John I`m delighted to hear it.