Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hard Times

Thanks to E F Pastoremeritus for voicing what I was wondering: why have the allegations against Cardinal O`Brien not surfaced until now? As others have noted Cardinal Pell had to face similar accusations and was cleared so we`ll have to wait and see. All this and only two days of Benedict XVI left. For as long as I have taken an interest in church affairs Ratzinger has been a major figure. It all feels very strange at the minute not knowing what to expect next. As Fr Rowe says 

You see it has now been eight years or so that on a parish level you could always say that you were simply following the vision of the Holy Father. This could all be very different very soon.

Life could become a lot more difficult with a change of approach.


Fr Dickson said...

Yes, it could become more difficult if we say we have been following the vision of the Holy Father. I suggest it is much safer and more correct to say we are following the path set for us by Tradition.

Glenn in Madrid said...

Oh the consolation of being a layman!! We have only to follow Tradition ,as Fr Dickson says,and pray that the Church, trusting in Our Lord, continues to regain her senses! What's the worst that can happen? Surely Summorum Pontificum will not be overturned? And really Father you've only taken an interest in church affairs for eight years?

Fr Michael Brown said...

Hello Glenn. I must have phrased that badly. I have been interested in church affairs since about 1981. Ratzinger has been a major figure in my life since about 1984.

Terry Middleton said...


I feel very uneasy. I have the feeling that the forces of the Devil are manoevering. Certainly the news about Cardinal O'Brien has given the anti-Catholics a boost. There are so many questions one would want to ask; principally what could possess 3 of his own diocesan priests to first of all write to the Nuncio, then, and this is worse, reveal the story to the Observer (of all papers!).

Ordinary lay Catholics are absolutely devastated, and scandalised. Nothing, but nothing could possibly justify the deliberate leaking of the news of the infamous letter to the secular, anti religion newspaper.

We do, of course, have to rely on the promise made by Our Lord to St Peter that he would be with the Church for all times, and that the Gates of Hell would not prevail. Are we being tested in the fire at the moment?

All we can do is keep the faith in our own hearts, after all, it was the laity that saved the Church throughout the penal times.

Anagnostis said...

"You see it has now been eight years or so that on a parish level you could always say that you were simply following the vision of the Holy Father. This could all be very different very soon."

Why I am not a Roman Catholic.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Anagnostis I know what you mean about papal whim. However Fr Dickson is right. If the next Pope chooses not to continue with Benedict`s way of distributing Holy Communion, or never says Mass ad orientem that doesn`t mean we stop promoting these things but it does make the task a bit harder.

Fr Martin McVeigh said...

Fr Michael Brown
Do you not give communion in the hand?
Do you celebrate your Parish Mass ad orientem?

Fr Michael Brown said...

Fr McVeigh, I do give communion in the hand and say some Masses ad orientem. Regarding Holy Communion I started puttting out a prie dieu to give the option to receive kneeling following the example of Benedict XVI although unlike the situation with the pope emeritus people have the choice to stand or kneel.

Anonymous said...

Terry Middleton, be ashamed. That is the very attitude that has kept errant priests in hiding and victims of hidden relationships scarred. O'Brien has scandalously been theoaing stones from within a very murky glass house. May God help him but let's not pretend he is alone in this behaviour.