Sunday, February 13, 2011

Clergy Silent Summer Retreat

The Forest has been not been murmuring much of late. This was partly because of the death of my hard drive on my PC: I don`t find the lap top as easy to use. However there is a lot to catch up with. I have yet to comment on this month`s Northern Cross where there is plenty of material to talk about and there have been further deveoplments at Ushaw. Fr de Malleray has also sent me information about forthcoming events organised by the FSSP in England. So to start with I just wanted to mention this one. I have been on two of Fr de Malleray`s retreats and am happy to say each one has been very fruitful. here is the information about the next one.

Clergy Silent Summer retreat. Starts Monday 4th July 2011, 2pm – ends Friday 8th July 2011, 2pm (4 nights).

Theme: “Priestly meditations on the prayers of the Roman Missal”.

Schedule: Silent retreat; meals with table reading on the theme of the retreat; includes one conference in the morning and another one in the afternoon; possibility of private meeting with the Retreat Master and of confession; Possibility of attending Eucharistic Adoration with the local contemplative religious community. Common recitation of Compline (EF Breviary) and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament will also take place.

Location: Cold Ash pastoral Centre, run by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary: The Ridge, Thatcham, RG18 9HU, England.

We will have the guests’ wing available for us, with access to the 19th century chapel (with three eastward facing altars); there are also nice grounds and woodlands.

Cost per person: £220 (includes: £200 for Cold Ash Centre for single room full board, and £20 for FSSP).

Booking: please send a £50 cheque made payable to FSSP ENGLAND as a non refundable deposit – the remainder can be paid during the retreat or as one global payment with the deposit (in which case please send us a £220 cheque made payable to FSSP ENGLAND).

Specifications: please mention with your booking any special diet or mobility requirement.

N.B. Priests choosing to offer their private Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite should either bring with them all the items they need or contact Fr de Malleray well in advance


Andrew Plasom-Scott said...

You don't mention the arrangements for priests wishing to concelebrate, Father...

1569 Rising said...

You will, of course, take your tambourine and banjo, plus a copy of Mission Praise, so you can sing "Colours of Day" in one-part (dis)harmony.

FrankE said...

I was at a CofE funeral today. The hymn book there was "Mission Praise", but "Colours of Day" wasn't in it.
I was so disappointed...

1569 Rising said...


I am sorry you were disappointed.
I must confess, I assumed it would be in Mission Praise, I hadn't looked. Obviously too naff for the CofE, and the Methodists.

Of course, it is in our "Liturgical Hymns Old & New" number 202.

Can I recommend, from the same book, No 848 "Smelly Feet", and No 800, "Wiggly Worm"?

FrankE said...

"Can I recommend, from the same book, No 848 "Smelly Feet", and No 800, "Wiggly Worm"?"

Err - no. Thanks all the same.

Is "Faith of our Fathers" in the same book?

1569 Rising said...

Yes, Frank.

No 246