Monday, March 15, 2010

Fame at Last!

I must have had Blogger`s Block or something but I have been meaning to get around to a few things and never have managed it. However just to say that Forest Murmurs this month reached the height of its fame in that it was quoted on the front page of the Northern Cross, our diocesan newspaper, in the lead story about the reception of Anglican bishop Paul Richardson, into the Catholic Church. Normally the front page of the NC is made available by the diocesan website, each month but this month that is not to be so I can`t let you see it. Apparently this is because Paul Richardson wants to keep his reception fairly quiet, even though I first saw the story in the Daily Telegraph! Does this mean the Northern Cross has a bigger circulation than the Telegraph?!

Anyway I`m grateful to the Northern Cross for a mention. The second last paragraph quotes me when I spoke about hearing the former bishop preach at St John`s in Killingworth. Maybe I should also mention that this month sees the new-look Northern Cross with full colour on every page. There is a website here with some very jaunty music.


ScepticalBeliever said...

The 'very jaunty music' is quite enough to make me check that the sound is always, but always, turned right down if I ever again go to the NC website.

And I do wonedr why it costs more to have a digital version of the paper at a greater cost that one delivered to my door.

1569 Rising said...

Two points:
Fr Brown reads the Daily Telegraph!
Does the Bishop know? That news won't go down very well in certain quarters. I can only applaud his good taste.

2) Sceptical Believer doesn't seem to like the "jaunty music". I must say, for once, I agree with him. It reminded me of the sort of stuff some semi-intoxicated saxophonist would play in some seedy strip joint as accompanist to the "performers"

ScepticalBeliever said...

Somewhat to my regret at times I am not familiar with the happenings in 'seedy strip joints' but I bow to 1569s superior knowledge. The Cure d'Ars would certainly frown on such music.

Anonymous said...

I wish to know how Sceptical Believer knows what kind of music they play in seedy strip joints. Pray do tell us.

1569 Rising said...

Anonymous -

I am afraid you have got the wrong culprit. It was actually 1569 who gave the impression that he knew what music was played in seedy strip joints. Can I say that my knowledge is purely anecdotal, garnered from the pages of the Daily Torygraph.

Sceptical - The Cure would be more concerned at the "dancing" in such joints, the music would have come second in his list of things to be condemned. Pass the potatoes!

ScepticalBeliever said...

How can I be the 'wrong culprit'; I am either the culprit or I am not the culprit! Pay attention, 1569 (and Anonymous)!
1569 If you get your knowledge of strip joints from the Daily Torygraph how can you endorse Fr Brown's reading of such a paper?

1569 Rising said...

Septic Believer -

Don't worry, every Forest Murmurer is now aware that you know nothing about seedy strip joints, but you did once tell us all about dancing with the Little Sisters at the Milvain Club.

As far as Fr Brown's daily reading goes, I have no objection to whatever he reads, as long as it is not the Grauniad (or the Independent, or the Mirror). They tell me, (of course I would not know), that the Sun often carries stories about seedy joints.

PS Have you heard about St Cuthbert and the ducks?

ScepticalBeliever said...

1569: Apparently St Cuthbert used to ignore rain and hail and higher than usual tides (or even the high waves caused by the occasional passing cruise liner) and would often get soaked whereupon the ducks would all fly over and rub against him until he was throughly dry. They were not really ducks but Puffins for which the Farne Isles are notable, of course.
Charming though it is, it is simply a story since sea birds can't dry anything because their feathers render them waterproof and thus are themselves wet on the outside, which is is not good for anyone coming close to them.
The Sun 'newspaper' (I use the word loosely) does not carry seedy stories about seedy 'nite clubs' (as I believe the expression is) but apparently runs a daily campaign for those young women who are unable to afford warm clothing in this cold winter by showing them in their totally inadequate garments. Good on the Sun!

1569 Rising said...

Sceptical Believer -

Before Fr B. closes down this particular stream of consciousness -

You talk about "passing cruise liners" causing waves that soaked St Cuthbert. Would those cruise liners be connected to the Viking long boats that raped and pillaged their way across Northumbria in St Cuthbert's time? Did Fred. Olsen have anything to do with them?
I have consulted my unerring source of sea-bird knowledge who informs me that the backs of ducks are dry, "water off a duck's back", and would be quite capable of drying the sainted body. Also, she thinks you are wrong on the puffins - it was definitely eider ducks.

With your knowledge of the young ladies' distressed state in the Sun, should we not organise a clothing collection to help the poor dears, maybe woolly vests and long johns would help keep them warm. Or possibly some duck-down filled jackets, I know where we can get the ducks.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Ok I think I`ll have to say `stop!`. There were no Viking invaders in St Cuthbert`s time. The first Viking raid was in 793 on Lindisfarne.

This is all getting too silly.

1569 Rising said...

Humble, grovelling apologies.

Frs Milburn and Berryman my history teachers at Ushaw, would be shocked at my ignorance.

Any truth in the story that St Cuthbert's body is not in the tomb behind the High Altar in Durham Cathedral?

ScepticalBeliever said...

Agreed! (reluctantly)