Monday, September 21, 2009

Forty Hours at 5.15am

This was the scene not long before dawn. All is going well and people seemed to manage without the heating last night so the candles survived the night and I hope they last until tomorrow morning. All the watching slots are now accounted for thanks to some last minute volunteers for some of the early morning slots. I`m always uplifted by the generous response the Forty Hours produces in people who are ready to give up time to be with the Lord.


Anonymous said...

It has been an absolute pleasure to take part in the watching during the 40 hours, it is not often in our busy lives we have the opportunity to spend quality reflective time with the Lord. Judging by the comments made and the response of parishioners who have willingly come to church at all times of the day and night to watch and spend time reflecting and praying I would say it has been an amazing success. Well Done!

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Looks good we have our own soon in October..

Fr Michael Brown said...

I`m sure it will be good, Jackie, as the Birmingham Oratory will have greater resources than a normal parish church.