Sunday, August 19, 2007

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

Today at Mass I spoke about images we might have of Jesus Christ and how the Gospel reminds us of the danger of thinking we have our image all sorted out and how we may have to ask ourselves whether we have covered all the possibilities. The Gospel was Luke 12,49-53 where Christ says he has come to bring fire to the earth and not peace. I mentioned that other`s images of Christ may surprise us. Here are the most surprising I have ever seen. I mentioned them at Mass and said they were the work of evangelicals but I see my memory played me false and they are produced by a Catholic firm. I include one as a sample here.

Maybe this works for some people but it just seems rather weird to me. Suffice to say I won`t be buying any of these for the church! As you may have gathered I`m rather interested in church art and architecture and the effect such things have on our understanding of the faith. I`ve read the first few pages of the Moyra Doorly book and I`m sure I`m going to enjoy it. I`ll give a taste with a couple of paragraphs in another post. in the meantime Imust finish the book on Pilate by Tuesday night.

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A bit of a strange ststue...but we do have a footballer in the family..our daughter Mary age 13..