Sunday, February 18, 2007


Today has been a beautiful spring-like day. I had a more relaxed start than on a normal Sunday as it is the weekend for the parish visitation at St Aidan`s, Benton and the episcopal vicar, Fr Jim O`Keefe, said the 9.30 Mass there, so my first Mass was the 10.30 at St Mary`s. After that I jumped in the car to go back to my old parish of St Joseph`s Gateshead as the parish priest had asked me to say the midday Tridentine Mass which I was more than glad to do. It was a low Mass and there was an element of urgency as I had asked Fr Jim O`Keefe for lunch after the visitation but I was back here by 12.55 in time for lunch at the New Coach Inn. We were joined by Fr David Milburn and as both had been many years at Ushaw there was some conversation about the origin of the game of cat which alas was only the stuff of legend by the time I turned up at Ushaw, despite the modern recreation in the picture.


Monica said...

I'm so pleased for you that you were able to get back to St. Joseph's. I feel sure that it will have been of great spiritual benefit both to you and to the congregation. I pray that you will have the opportunity to do so again.

Alnwickian said...

As a regular at the St Joseph's TLM, it was indeed a great joy to see Fr Brown back as Celebrant.

We have been very fortunate that this Mass has continued since Fr Brown's move to another parish and we have been blessed that Fr John Farrell (Prior of St Dominic's Newcastle) and Fr Adrian Dixon (parish Priest and Diocesan liturgist)are now regular celebrants.

But it is worth recalling that, without the pioneering work of Fr Brown, this Mass would not be happening.

Anonymous said...

'Cat'? Curious name, odd-looking game. I wonder if it is related to 'podex' (pronounced 'puddocks'), which as far as I know is played only at my school (Manchester Grammar School) and Uppingham? It's a sort of rounders, but with no holds barred.