Monday, December 04, 2006

A clarification

Shortly after posting the last item, I see there has been a rapid clarification by Cardinal Hummes on his arrival in Rome! Here it is on Rorate Caeli.


AndrewPS said...

Did you see this, Fr? It's on fr Z's site. "I found an interesting blog blurb called Forest Murmurs posted by Fr. Michael Brown, the blog’s demiurge (my emphasis).

Apart from this there are the never ending rumours about a general permission for the traditional Roman rite. The latest suggestion, reported by Fr Zuhldorf [sic] is that the permission will be made public on December 8th. The only evidence that something may be going to happen is the reports of French bishops making clear their opposition to any such move. Meanwhile in this country we are assured that it is all hype and that there is no substance to the stories.

Well… I guess we shall see if there is any substance to it or not. And, I don’t think I ever gave a specific date.

This makes me curious.

I don’t know if there are such things as "liberal" Catholic blogs. There might be. But, really, imagine such a thing. So….

Perhaps you readers might give me a hand. If you find things out there against the idea of any use of the older Mass, or who are completely blowing off all possibility of an indult, let us all know! Post links and excerpts. The way I see it, if I am going to post my opinions, suppositions and bits of news, it is only fair to consider the naysayers.

After all, they might stumble into something true. Accidently, of course. Even broken clocks are right twice a day, right?"


Fr Michael Brown said...

Thanks Andrew. So this is a blog againstthe granting of a universal indult!. Amazing. I have posted a comment on Fr Z`s blog which I hope clarifies things. I see Fr Tim Finnigan is now also reporting things he has seen on Fr Z`s blog. Oh well.

Monica said...

Father - I think we're all fighting the same cause, but I don't think many outside the UK undersand the situation in this country. Having said that, a later comment on Fr Z's blog suggests that things are slowly turning here and I sense that myself - though not fast enough for many of us.

Fr Z makes an interesting observation about blogs of a liturgically 'liberal' bent - there don't seem to be that many around (at least not that I've come across) but I wouldn't want to encourage them.

Keep up the good work and let's hope Our Lady gives us a nice present on her Feast day. I'm not overly optimistic, though.

In Domino nostro.