Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ushaw LMS Training Conference 2009

One of the things I`m looking forward to in 2009 is the Latin Mass Society training session for priests to be held at Ushaw in April, not having been involved in the meetings at Merton. I have been involved in some of the initial preparations for this conference. Seeing High Masses being celebrated on the altar of St Cuthbert`s chapel will bring a sense of personal satisfaction for me as I spent five years at the college from 1983-88.
The conference will take place from Monday 20th to Thurs 23rd April 2009 starting before lunch on Monday and finishing after lunch on Thursday.
Just now whenever I go to a meeting of priests I find them telling me they have had a letter of invitation to the conference. I was disappointed that one priest, who I hold in high esteem, told me he threw the letter away immediately. However, others have been keen to find out more and some have said they are going. I`m looking forward to meeting up with some of my contemporaries who I`ve not seen since leaving the college but who I read about in the LMS magazine as being active in celebrating the EF .
Ushaw will certainly provide a most suitable location for such a conference with its twelve altars. I hope that the conference will be great success in bringing Summorum Pontificum to the North of England.


Anonymous said...

Looking at some blogs it might be that the Northern Conference is the only conference that will be taking place.

madame evangelista said...

It does seem strange that with the little contretemps over Merton, more people aren't pointing out that the LMS are still organising this conference at Ushaw. As an outside observer, this fact alone inclines my sympathies to lie with the disgruntled LMS and their unease over the perceived elitism of the Merton conference.

Anonymous said...

It would help matters enormously if Damian Thompson, who started the story of Merton being cancelled, tells us where he got his information from. I have it on good authority that the LMS committee voted to run two conferences next year - at Merton and at Ushaw - and are making plans to do so. Perhaps Mr Thompson knows something that the LMS committee does not. Perhaps he can clear up this confusion or admit he has made a great gaff?

Anonymous said...

Surely the question must be: 'Are two training courses necessary at this time?' Another question, of course, might be:'Can the LMS afford two?'
My own opinion, in each case, is 'no' (although the LMS accounts do not make for easy reading).
I am not familiar with Merton but priest friends who have done one or the other of the Merton courses have convinced me that the facilities for this type of course are far better at Ushaw.
But, why on earth are the laity having to do these things? What are the bishops doing to make the TLM available in the way the Pope wants? (We all know the answer to that, don't we?)

Anonymous said...

Anoymous: they may have voted thus, but they can no longer deliver at Merton with the chapel no longer available to them, and the priest tutors will no doubt follow Fr Wadsworth's lead and have nothing to do with the LMS as it it at present.

ScepticalBeliever: Ushaw may have side altars, but my information is that they only have allowed use of the chapel on one day. Merton's facilities were excellent and more than satisfactory due to the hard work of those who are no longer serving the LMS - as they did so well for two years.

The fact of the matter is that the LMS Committee is laden with narrow minded people who cannot allow good things to flourish if they are not run by themselves: ask their principal MC or their Oxford Representstive about that! This narrow mindedness is inhibiting the mission of the Church, and they must examine their consciences. They should also follow the lead of their splendid Chairman, whose vision has led the LMS to the successes of recent years.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: I had heard of the possible restrictions on the use of the chapel at Ushaw but was given to understand the conference would take place there only if that problem could be resolved. I hope that is still so.