Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Masses at St Mary`s, Forest Hall

If anyone is looking for here for the times of Christmas Masses at Forest Hall, they are:

Christmas Eve:
6pm OF Vigil Mass (with carols from 5.30pm)

12 midnight EF Missa Cantata (with carols from 11.30pm)
Christmas Day:
10.30am OF Mass


Anonymous said...

Was the midnight mass the vigil Mass before Vatican II? When was the vigil mass traditionally celebrated? Was it usual for there to be a vigil mass and then a midnight mass and then another mass on christmas day? Is there specific prayers for a midnight mass in the EF and the OF? Also is there a vigil mass in the EF?

I know thats alot of questions, but this curious catholic wuld appreciate it if you answered them.

madame evangelista said...

Happy Christmas Father.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Anonymous, the vigil Mass of Christmas is celebrated on the morning of December 24th in the Extraordinary Form. Purple vestments are worn.

There was a midnight Mass as the first Mass of Christmas and then tow Masses on the day, the Dawn Mass and the Mass During the Day.

Both the EF and OF have specific prayers and readings for the three Masses of Christmas.

I hope this helps.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Happy Christmas Madame Evangelista. I hope 2009 is a good year for you.