Friday, December 26, 2008

The Octave of Christmas

As in previous years I am celebrating a daily EF Mass during the Octave (apart from Sunday). However the times are somewhat confusing. Tomorrow ( Saturday) Mass is at 10 as usual. Then on Monday and Tuesday it will be at 11. On Wednesday it is at 12 as I have a Requiem Mass at 10 and then on New Year`s Day it is at 11.

Hope this helps for those thinking of coming.


Anonymous said...

Will any of these be Sung Masses?

The last time you did this I think there were three Sung Masses in the Octave.

Fr Michael Brown said...

I would like there to be sung Masses but no one has volunteered to sing as yet. Our organist being ill amy have complicated things.

maris said...

Thanks for these daily masses father.

One question: Which bus does one take from the monument to get there?

Fr Michael Brown said...

It`s best to get the Metro to Four Lane Ends and then the 63 bus to Clousden Hill. The bus stop is opposite the church.

maris said...


In case anyone else asks.. 63 has a stop at St. George Square at the monument... and by metro, it's only a 15 minute walk from Palmersville metro station.

Thanks again :o)