Saturday, December 06, 2008

Another cathedral Mass

A friend has drawn my attention to a Mass today in Southwark cathedral according to the Extraordinary Form. There are plenty of pictures here. What interested me was that this event ws reported on the Southwark diocesan website. No such luck here when we had our EF Mass in St Mary`s cathedral in Newcastle. Something about it not being a diocesan event or some such thing I didn`t understand, given that I thought it was reasonably newsworthy. We did manage to get an article at the very back of the Northern Cross however with a black and white picture so mustn`t grumble.

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Anonymous said...

I was sorry not to be able to support this Mass in Southwark Cathedral, being now a resident in that archdiocese.

But I was able instead to attend a Mass for the feast of St Nichols celebrated by a certain Fr Michael Brown.

I was very happy to see Fr Peter Gee as one of the Sacred Ministers in Southwark. I remember meeting him when he was a seminarian in Wigratzbad in the late 1980s.