Monday, December 08, 2008

More on the Mass at Southwark cathedral

I`ve had these pictures and a report from the LMS on the Mass at Southwark cathedral.

8 December 2008


Successful High Mass in the Traditional Latin Rite at St George’s Cathedral, Southwark, London

The Latin Mass Society’s annual High Mass in St George’s Cathedral, Southwark, London on Saturday 6 December was a great success. Over 200 people braved the cold to assist at the feast Mass of St Nicholas celebrated by Fr Andrew Southwell, assisted by Fr Peter Gee as Deacon and Fr Christopher Basden as Sub-deacon.

The cathedral Dean, Canon James Cronin, preached; music was provided by the cathedral choir under the direction of Nick Gale and the organ was played by Thomas Wilson, Precentor of Westminster Cathedral.

In his sermon, Canon Cronin spoke about the life of St Nicholas and how Christians, inspired by St Nicholas, must never lose hope.

This was the second annual visit by the LMS to St George’s Cathedral. John Medlin, LMS General Manager, said: “It’s wonderful to come back to St George’s which is such a vibrant hub of Catholic life in South London. Canon Cronin makes us very welcome and it’s pleasing to see how easily the Extraordinary Form and Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite can work alongside each other to build up the liturgical life of the diocese. We’re looking forward to our next visit!”



Anonymous said...

John Medlin wasn't there. He was busy actively participating in the LMS Committee meeting at the time which effectively axed their Merton training conference. The LMS doesn't need to "visit" Southwark Cathedral; it needs to leave the Southwark clergy and faithful to get on with what they can do perfectly well themselves. Remind me; what function does the LMS have now, after Summorum Pontificum?

Anonymous said...

I suggest that after the almost total silence by many priests and most bishops about Summorum Pontificum that the LMS has an even bigger role to play now that the TLM is again lawful (even though it has never been anything else) Hostility towards the TLM (see recent issues of Northern Cross, for example) must stem, at least in part, from the laity simply not been told about the pope's document. If the clergy choose to remain silent who else but the LMS is going to tell the laity?