Monday, July 18, 2011

Ushaw again

As everyone will know on June 9th `a proposal [was] put forward by the University to create a Centre for Catholic Scholarship and Cultural Heritage at Ushaw under the auspices of the University’s existing internationally regarded Centre for Catholic Studies.` (Quotation from website of Centre for Catholic Studies at Durham) It`s good to hear that Ushaw will remain as a Catholic presence in the North East.

Readers who live outside the diocese of Hexham and Newcastle will probably not have the opportunity to see the articles in the Northern Cross. The CfCC has links to three pdfs from the latest edition with articles about the future of Ushaw. They are here, here and here. If this all works out then in a way things have come full circle as Douai began as a kind of Centre for Catholic Studies in 1568.

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Et Expecto said...

The article by Professor Murray in the Northern Cross made it fairly clear that the University of Durham is really only interested in the range of buildings on the southern frontage. Uses for the rest are being sought.