Monday, July 18, 2011

More good news

I would like to say this is the sanctuary at St Mary`s, Forest Hall after the recent re-ordering but alas it is not. It is instead the site of the new apostolate for the Institute of the Good Shepherd in Bogota. According to the source ` outside of Campos this is the first official TLM at a major Church/Basilica in South America in the last 30-40 years or so`. (UPDATE 5.25pm `Brazilian` has noted in his comment below that this is something of an exaggeration.) So more good news as the EF slowly continues to spread. It`s even billed, for the first time, at the next Italian National Eucharistic Congress in Ancona so chances are it will have a place next year at the International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin. There was also the news that a Polish archbishop is thinking of setting up a priestly institute for the Extraordinary Form.

If you look at the IBP website you will see that, like us, they have a problem with their seminary. Theirs is somewhat different to the one here as they have too many seminarians for the size of the building (33 seminarians and five priests but only 28 rooms).


Brazilian said...

This is very good; but these "firsts" always tend to be reported with too much enthusiasm. Every Sunday since Summorum there has been a TLM in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption (better known as the Abbatial Church of São Bento), in São Paulo, Brazil, which is both a major Church (Pope Benedict stayed in the abbey in his only visit as Pope to South America) and a Basilica. And there have been other TLMs in major churches or in the presence of bishops, or even pontificals, in Brazil, outside of Campos, some of which have been reported in English. But the more the merrier.

1569 Rising said...


A little bit off topic, but could I recommend Murmururs having a look at the Funeral Mass of Archduke Otto Von Hapsburg in the Cathedral at Vienna, celebrated by Cardinal Schonborn? A most spectacular NO Mass, conducted with great ceremony and dignity

Go to "New Liturgical Movement", scroll down until "Exeguies of
Archduke Otto of Austria", then scroll down past the still pictures, nearly to the end, then click on the link (highlighted in red) to the Austrian TV Service.
Click on "Das Requiem" on the right hand side. It lasts for 1hr 42m, but it is possible to skip.
Communion is worth watching!