Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another good idea.

Encouraging older parishioners to take an interest in liturgical reform is very difficult. However I have found it is easier to make progress with the young. Here is an example from where this is happening in the USA. H/T to Paul Smeaton for this. The answers of the children are not scripted. For more on St Theresa`s, Sugarland, Texas see here.


David O'Neill said...

That first one should be shown in ALL schools. It says so simply what the truth is.
The second video is also straightforward and reminds us of the role of Our Lady.
The third video regarding 'nice' gave me cause for concern and seems creepy

Fr Michael Brown said...

David, it`s only the video I posted which I`m interested in. There isn`t meant to be a second or third.

David O'Neill said...

Hi Father
The 2nd & 3rd Videos just followed on

Realist said...

If I thought it would do any good I would refer this video to all the bishops on these islands and to the Catholic Education Service. As I have no doubt it will not elicit any response I will not bother.

margotdarby said...

I see a preponderance of Oriental and Mestizo students. Is this because they prefer it to their local public school? And why aren't there more American kids there?