Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Henshaws Society

At the suggestion of a parishioner who has tunnel vision and asked me whether I had any idea what that was like, we had a parish study session this morning on visual problems, given by Penny and Philippa from Henshaws Society. As I am, on a good day, quite interested in trying to understand other people`s experience and point of view, I found it a useful introduction to issues of visual impairment. Apart from the four most common causes of sight problems we heard about the alarming Charles Bonnet Syndrome which causes people to see things that aren`t there, often children or animals, although one lady at the meeting revealed she sees a half a man walking around, as a result of this condition. Our presenter thought it might be useful for me to know about this when people report seeing ghosts although most of the ghosts I`ve been called out for seem to respond well to holy water but its worth bearing in mind if it is an elderly person who is seeing things. Here is picture of some of the parish looking at items to help people with visual impairment.

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