Saturday, October 28, 2006

Spotted in St Peter`s

While in St Peter`s on Monday night for the Mass for the opening of the academic year, I spotted the illustrious priest blogger Fr Tim Finigan of the Hermeneutic of Continuity. ( Seen here standing higher than the rest.) I took my picture first but I see he has posted the picture he took of me before I got round to posting. He has thus achieved more than I have managed as I haven`t got my own picture on this blog as yet! We have a mutual friend in Fr Charles Briggs of Chislehurst whose lunch appointments with Fr Tim are a regular feature of his blog. Fr Charles was meant to be coming to stay at Forest Hall this weekend but has had to postpone his trip until November.


Anonymous said...

Gosh this Fr Tim fellow is a giant!

Monica said...

Father - I found your site following a link from Fr Tim's site. Enjoyed reading your entries. I'm a native of the North East, now living in the Midlands, and an LMS member. I used to enjoy reading the website at St Joseph's, but it doesn't seem to be active now. I particularly enjoyed the photos of the visit of Bishop Rifan.

Just wanted to say, too, that the improvements you've made to the sanctaury area are definitely the right ones - having the tabernacle in the centre is not only right, it's what Rome encourages I believe. Like the antependium - do you have different colours for each season?

I visited Forest Hall a good few years ago, and seem to remember the Church was rather large. Presumably, the 'Church' area is now smaller, following the changes you mentioned had been done.

Look forward to reading more entries from you.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Augustinus, I too am sorry that the St Joseph`s site appears to have gone as I can`t find my copy of the cD with the originals of the photos of the Bishop Rifan Mass. I was hoping to use them on this site.

I have just had a purple frontal made for Advent but I`m not sure if I`ll be getting frontals in every colour as they are difficult to change quickly. However I am thinking of getting tabernacle veils in all the liturgical colours.

Your are right in thinking that the church is somewhat smaller now. that is why we still have two Masses at a weekend as we could not get everyone in to just one.The church was never beautiful before but I do find aspects of the rearrangement difficult to work with: the lack of a central aisle makes weddings and funerals difficult. I also have St Aidan`s at Benton and SS Peter and Paul at Longbenton to serve but confine my `private` Latin Mass to St Mary`s as I have all the stuff here and a number of parishioners are coming to it.

Monica said...

Father - if you could do with a green frontal, I have one which I rescued (with the then PP's permission) from a Church a few years back after a most dreadful re-ordering. I also got the purple one, but you already have that in hand (goodness knows what happened to the others - two beautiful white, a red and a lovely gold - and the tabernacle veils). If it is of any use to you, you are most welcome to it - I could make arrangements to get it to you.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Augustinus. Thanks for your kind offer. I am intending to keep the whit frontal on except in Lent and Advent as it is such nice material. Hhowever i have the other two churches to think of and maybe I could use your frontals in one of those.

Monica said...

Father, You are very welcome to both. I will make direct contact with you ASAP to discuss the practicalities.