Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Poles have arrived

I have heard stories about parishes in other parts of the country where the congregation has increased dramatically because of Polish immigrants. This has not happened as yet in this part of the world. However on Sunday after Mass I was told by the person who wanted to shut the church hall door that there were men who wanted to speak with me. They didn`t have a word of English apart from `Poland`. Strangely, while they had not been to Mass they had spotted that we had a table tennis table in the hall. One of them opened his bag and produced a table tennis racket and a box of table tennis balls. The other had a few words of German. I tried my German and established that I was going to lock the hall now and they could not stay to play table tennis. I couldn`t understand how they had come prepared for table tennis on the off chance we had a table. Not quite the Polish invasion I was hoping for.

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