Friday, March 25, 2011

Confraternity of Catholic Clergy

In January 2010 the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy of the USA and the Australian CCC held a conference in Rome for the Year of the Priesthood. There were about six of us from the UK who went along too and we talked about setting up the CCC in the UK. Nothing much happened after that and at the end of last year some of us in the North started talking about setting it up. We had a meeting in Bradford in January but while we were planning the next step we had no idea that work was progessing in the South and I was delighted to hear that those in the South had bitten the bullet and have now got things up and running. There is a website launched today.

The website says the CCC exists for fidelity, formation and fraternity. Fidelity to Scripture, the Magisterium, the Councils and Catechism of the Catholic Church and loyalty to the initiatives of the Holy Father. A membership application form can be found here.

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Holy Family Guild said...

What a shame you didn't bite the bullet first! It all happens in the south!