Wednesday, November 12, 2008


On Saturday morning I found my internet connection was down. This afternoon it has been re-connected. It has been strange not having the internet and frustrating waiting for a phone call all day yesterday from BT which never came. However all appears to be well again and I`m trying to catch up with what I`ve missed.
Especially interesting is the news from Rome about Holy Days and the EF. At the Longbenton Mass on November 2nd I said the Mass of All Saints as that is what I thought we were meant to do even though I`d said the EF Mass for All Saints on November 1st. Now from what I read it seems that this may not be necessary as it is only judged `appropriate` to celebrate the feast as an` external solemnity` on the Sunday and not necessary.
This is good news but makes one wonder about how the decision was presented to us in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your Internet is working again...

Yes, under the new (and correct) rules it would've been: Saturday - All Saints; Sunday - 4th Sunday after Epiphany resumed; Monday - All Souls (transferred if on a Sunday)...

PeterHWright said...

The clarification issued last April was unsatisfatory because the Bishops' Conference failed to publish the full text either of its dubium or of the response from Pont. Comm. Ecclesia Dei.

Full marks to the Latin Mass Society, therefore, for submitting its own dubium and publishing the text of the dubium and response.

In this context, I take the words "it is legitimate" to mean "it is lawful" to celebrate the "old" Mass on the date allotted to the Feast in the 1962 calendar.

I always doubted there was any law which allowed bishops' conferences to transfer, alter or suppress Feasts in the 1962 Missal.

Anonymous said...

My sympathies with internet connection problems. I have had a week of problems and had decided my 'big' laptop had a faulty network card. I was on the verge of contacting Dell when the 'little' laptop also wouldn't connect.

Now it appears that my firewall is to blame. Modern technology! Give me the rules for transferring mattins lesson anyday.

Convenor said...

We’d just like to let you know about two new posts on our blog. The first is a report of a Mass in the Traditional Latin/Gregorian Rite in Co. Laois, Ireland.

The second post is a report of news, just received, of a weekly Mass in Co. Meath, Ireland.

I hope that you’ll be able to feature both reports. Feel free to lift photos.

God bless you!

Saint Conleth’s Catholic Heritage Association