Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Minimus begins

I`m glad to say that the Minimus course started today at St Mary`s Primary School. Fourteen children had signed up but only ten could be there as the others had a music class. The others intend to come next week. However I called in to see how things were going and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I forgot to ask the children if they had been to Vindolanda but most primary school children around here have a trip at some stage. If they do go again they will be very informed about the lives of Flavius and Lepidina. I took some pictures but as we are not allowed to put pictures of children on the net without their parents` consent, which I didn`t have, I can only show you this picture of Dorothy dressed as Minimus! Dorothy was assisted by Margaret. Both are retired teachers and so more than qualified to take the class. Macti virtute!


Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Dear 'real' Catholic! Some wonderful posts!

Anonymous said...

Just hope that this goes some way to countering the discouragement of Latin terms that has been reported recently.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Jon, that was very funny! Whenever I come near to anyone from the LEA they start using language that is not exactly normal in their use of words like `historic` and speaking of `cohorts` and `capturing information`. Jargon seems to abound. Whatever next?