Sunday, May 24, 2009


I see there is some trouble with Cafod reported in the Telegraph regarding its national director living free of charge in an MP`s second house. Nearer to home I have been puzzled by the forthcoming Cafod pilgrimage to Holy Island on June 13th. The excitement regards the involvement of Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, a shaman of the Yanomami índios in Brazil. Davi will be leading the `liturgy at key points along the way with reflections from his own tradition, focussing on how we live in harmony with God's creation.`

Now I know that Vatican II said we could find evidence of the Holy Spirit acting outside of the Church in all those who seek what is good and true but I am still puzzled how a Catholic pilgrimage will have its liturgy lead by a pagan priest. What would St Aidan have said, let alone St Wilfrid?


Gregor said...

Indeed, Father. St. Winfrid (Boniface) converted my ancestors, the Germans, by hewing down the huge oak sacred to Donar and showing them the emptiness of their idols. I very much suspect that if he had joined Donar's priests in some interreligious ceremony, we would still be pagan (on the other hand, we are almost there again anyway...)

1569 Rising said...

"A CATHOLIC Pilgrimage?"

I am surprised at you, Father, Cafod has not been a Catholic charity for years. There are many excellent real Catholic charities to support, thinking especially of The Little Way.
Cafod sacrificed its Catholic identity when it linked up with Oxfam etc several years ago.

It is very consoling to know that the director of Cafod earns more than an MP, and that he lives rent free in a Labour Minister's flat, which is equipped to a "decent standard". Seems terribly fishy to me, give me a duck house any day, or even a moat.

Volpius Leonius said...

They both would have converted him, I wonder if anyone will even bring the possibility up, probably not, rather they are going to join him in pagan worship, and the land will be cursed, how wonderful.

PP said...

Another parish less for their fast days etc.

Londiniensis said...

Whatever one may think of some of the views expressed in "Christian Order", their January 2005 article Contributing to CAFOD is a Sin documents, albeit long-windedly, many unsavoury features of that organisation.