Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ascension Thursday

Just to say, as I was too late for the LMS listings and I even failed to get it in the St Mary`s newsletter this week, there will be a Mass in the Extraordinary Form for the Ascension tomorrow night at SS Peter and Paul`s Longbenton. This will be at 7pm and will be a Low Mass.
The obligation for the Ascension has of course been moved by the bishops to following Sunday.
A Mass for Corpus Christi, in the Extraordinary Form, will take place on Thursday 11th June at 12 noon at St Mary`s Forest Hall.


Jane Teresa said...

Thank you, Father, for making this provision. I shall be pining for it - have not found a Mass in the Diocese of Leeds for the Ascension on Thursday.

It seems that many people have given in, since without the obligation, few attend on the Thursday.

Anonymous said...

That is such a shame. Corpus Christi and Ascension should have remained as Holy Days of Obligation.
I have just returned from playing the organ at our parish Mass and at Mass at our pilgrimage church in the mountains. There were hundreds of people at the second Mass, most of whom had walked a significant distance and climbed 300 m up the mountain to be there. There was a Mass preceding the one that I played at which was for 300 high school pupils (who were impeccably well behaved) and there was to be another Mass afterwards. I would estimate that over 1200 people attended Mass there this morning. It is an impressive sight to see hundreds of people walking together to attend Mass and commemorate the Ascension.

Richard S Rainbow said...

Just to say that the LMS Newsletter for Hexham and Newcastle did, in fact, list this Mass! Fr Brown was in time for that.

FrankE said...

"The obligation for the Ascension has of course been moved by the bishops to following Sunday."

...Which of course means that effectively the Ascension has been cancelled as a Holy Day of obligation, since we must attend Mass on Sunday anyway.
Although even the latter seems to have been relaxed lately - it appears that we "should try" to get to Mass on Sundays.