Friday, October 10, 2008

Requiem at St Mary`s Cathedral, Edinburgh on September 11th

Thanks to Blackbrow for alerting me to the YouTube videos of this important Mass celebrated by the new Dean of the cathedral in Edinburgh, mentioned on this blog in the entry for September 11th.


madame evangelista said...

Thanks for posting this, I'll have a look at the other videos of the Mass.

I was at the the cathedral last night for Father Leighton's silver jubilee Mass and noticed you were concelebrating - sorry I missed yet another chance to say hello :(

PeterHWright said...

St. Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, appears to have the same problem as St. Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle.

The altar is too far forward, and needs to be moved backward, if possible. In my opinion, no permanent altar should be sited so as to preclude the possibility of celebration "ad Deum". The problem becomes more obvious, as Father knows, when a Solemn Mass is celebrated.

However, it is good to see the return of the "old" Mass.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Madame Evangelista sorry to have missed you too. I`ve no plans to go to the cathedral again in the near future but I hope you`ll say hello next time. Good luck with the RCIA.

Nice to see `that` chasuble again although I was rather worried that it wasn`t put over the back of the seat for sitting down but crushed by being sat on.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Peter, you are right about the altars. There are plans to move altar at Newcastle cathderal further back which should help, if there is ever an EF Mass again at the cathedral.