Monday, October 13, 2008

Mary Queen of Scots

At the risk of this blog becoming uncontrollably Scottish, I thought this story on the BBC website was worthy of attention. There is a move to have the body of Mary Queen of Scots returned to Scotland and possibly to Falkland Palace which, being a Catholic house, would be a very suitable destination for her remains. The BBC notes:

A spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland said: "Mary Queen of Scots is undoubtedly held in very great and affectionate esteem by Scots Catholics who admire her religious devotion and fidelity to the church. As such, there would be significant interest among many Catholics in any plan to repatriate her remains"

Westminster Abbey is not so keen saying that her son, James I and VI, wanted her to lie in Westminster Abbey.

Before it all gets rather heated I wonder whether, given the recent events regarding the proposed relocation of the remains of Cardinal Newman, might it not be worth checking to see that there really are some remains left to transfer?


Anonymous said...

Yes, let Mary Stewart be re-buried in Edinburgh but only in a fully restored Holyrood Abbey in a Renaissance style tomb with obsequies conducted by the Archbishop of St Andrews & Edinburgh (ancient rite of course). Otherwise let her remain where she is, in the traditonal burial place of English Monarchs.She did after all regard herself as the lawful Queen of England.

What will the Scot Nats be calling for next? Should Bonnie Prince Charlie be brought back from Rome?

Volpius Leonius said...

She was the lawful Queen of England.

She was denied her rightful place on the throne for been Catholic, and if she lived today she would still be denied it. Does the country that would still reject her as Queen if she had lived today deserve her remains?

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should consider what Mary would have wanted.

She specifically requested that after her death she wanted to be buried in France next to her mother.

This she mentioned several times including in her last letter to Elizabeth and in in her letter to the King of France written on the morning of her execution.... Queen Elizabeth refused this request