Thursday, May 17, 2007


Well today I celebrated the Mass of the Thursday of the sixth week of Eastertide. It felt very strange not celebrating Ascension Day when it was forty days after Easter. I really wish the bishops had just left the feasts they have moved where they used to be and removed the obligation. They have left the Assumption as a holy day despite it being in the middle of the holiday period when parish life is somewhat in low gear.

So on Sunday we will celebrate the Ascension, a few days later than Scripture relates, but there we are. I`ll have to ask the congregation to see whether this change helps them
" to foster the celebration of the rhythm of the liturgical year and to celebrate more profoundly the mysteries of the life and mission of the Lord." I imagine it will feel just like another Sunday.

It is also World Communications Day, whatever that it is, but I suppose in the ideal world we should be marking that with bidding prayers and a sermon. The official theme is: Children and the Media: A Challenge for Education.


Fr Justin said...

I celebrated a votive Mass of the Ascension today; there were many more than usual at daily Mass.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Fr Justin, it was my, announced, intention to do that but when the time came I felt the stuffing had been knocked out of the day. We had more than usual at Mass this morning. I had wanted to celebrate a `private` Tridentine Mass but had such a lot of things on today (still more to come) that I couldn`t fit it in. I`m glad to say a nearby local parish provided such a Mass.