Monday, July 29, 2013

Very alarming.

It`s always difficult to comment on a story without knowing the full background but it is fact that a decree has gone out forbidding the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate celebrating the Extraordinary Form either in public or private from  August 11th. Very worrying as this is in contravention of Summorum Pontificum. The founder Fr Manelli has been replaced as superior by a Capuchin too.

The FI are a thriving and young congregation. This is very depressing. Read about it here and here.Also Sandro Magister has an article entitled For the First Time Francis Contradicts Benedict. (H/t to Valle Adurni)


allandan500 said...

I guess we saw this coming. For me, it is becoming increasingly easy to see the pope as a grumpy old man who makes a fuss if the kids cut through his yard. In this case, the kids are anyone attached to the Latin Mass.

What can we made of a pope who, in effect, punishes a thriving community of faithful Catholics, with plentiful vocations? For what reason?

Nothings this pope does makes sense. At WYD, (which pretty much exemplified all this is wrong with the church) he touted formulas that have for 50 years been unsuccessful. Formulas that led to the dismantling of the faith.

Can this be the reign of the pope Our Lady of Fatima spoke of? I'm inclined to think so. Get ready to suffer.

Anonymous said...

I saw this blog yesterday and thought and prayed that the blogger had got hold of the wrong end of the stick..

I can see myself joining the Anglican ordinariate soon!

Paul @ Ryhope (although too traditional to feel as though I belong anymore)

Catholic Coffee said...

Fr. Z. has written a long blogpost about this. He argues that the decree is about addressing the internal issues of a religious community and not about the EF. He also suggests that Pope Francis, a religious himself and former Jesuit provincial, probably looked at this from this point of view. Fr. Z. urges people to remain loyal and celebrate and promote the EF as laid out in Summorum Pontificum. His blogpost is here.

David O'Neill said...

I was under the impression that religious orders elected their own superiors unless the order is classed as schismatic or heretical. Surely the celebration of the EF Mass places them in neither such condition.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Sorry Robert: managed to press delete again instead of publish. Here is your comment:

I take all this on board and the EF should be available, as should the traditional roman rite for England, the Sarum, which is celebrated in Oxford somethimes. However, Pope Benedicts's project was the Reform of the Reform , and we should work to support this. The new rite can be well celebrated in Latin. In London, Latin mass is available as the main mass at Farm Street, Westminster Cathedral and Spanish Place. I am pleased that you have included the association of Latin Liturgy among your links.
I like your Oxford Circus blog. There is a streamed 1920s 20s/30s radio station. I can send you the link if you let me know.

Lynda said...

Thank you for not being intimidated into setting aside your reason in relation to this decree. The truth appears to be under concerted attack in the Church, and if one invokes it one is ridiculed, condemned. Propaganda is king. If this continues, great persecution of the Faithful by persons within and without the Church will be made much easier and more likely - as in this climate it will remain hidden.