Friday, July 19, 2013

Good News for York

I was delighted to read today that the Oratorians are setting up a house at St Wilfrid`s in York. It`s a beautiful church although there was quite a controversy a number of years ago when the altar rails were removed. Having celebrated a Solemn Mass coram episcopo last year for the LMS pilgrimage and having been in choir for the hugely successful Missa Cantata in York Minster the year before there does appear to be a constituency for something more traditional in York and so I hope, Deo volente, it is a huge success.

I was celebrant last year I think because I rejoice in the position of LMS chaplain for the north of England. I wasn`t needed this year and suspect that will continue to be the case once the Oratory arrive. Above is a picture of the sanctuary from the 2012 Mass.


Fr George P. Burdell said...

How marvelous for York and these wonderful sons of St Philip!
On an unrelated topic: Father, where can one find these beautiful albs with the lovely red embroidery that are often seen on Blogs from England?

Et Expecto said...

Yes, good news, although I think there might be a good deal of resistance to the Oritorian style coming from the existing congregation.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Dear Father, I don`t know where the albs or even the vestments came from. Et Expecto may be able to help. You could look here ( but it can be on the expenisve side although I got a nice pastoral stole here recently whih was vry reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Paul at Ryhope

Without doubt the work of grace, Oxford has been transformed by the Oritorians and a wonderful addition to the North

Et Expecto said...

The chasuble, dalmatic and tunicle came from the church of St Charles in Hull. I think that the albs may have come from the same church. This style of alb with red decoration was very common in England at one time. I( suspect that they may have been made by Vanpools or one of the major vestment suppliers. Nowadays, they can only be found in the cupboards of churches that have kept their treasures.

By chance, the church of St Charles in another church of the Middlesbrough Diocese that the Oratorians considered taking over. It is a beautiful chuch in amore classical style.

David O'Neill said...

Dear Fr Burdell
You could try 'J&M Sewing' based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Apart from their standard stock lines I believe they undertake commissions.

David O'Neill said...

It would still be a wonderful experience to move back to York Minster, a church known to St Margaret when she lived in York.

L D said...

There are some options if you search the internet. These are but two:
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Option A7 £129.9 is an example

There is a firm in Virginia, USA, that does hand embroidery to order. A number of design options are shown.

Et Expecto said...

More information about the Oratorians.

Fr Richard Duffield will be arriving at St Wilfrid's by the end of October and taking charge of the parish. I think that a further two priests will join him about a year later.

Because Fr Duffield will be by himself for so long, it is likely that the majority of the changes will not take effect for some time.

Chester said...

This is gorgeous!