Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An interesting concert

I just noticed an advert for this concert of recusant music to be held at Ushaw on June 29th at 7.30pm. I may try to get along although buying tickets is not very easy. Ushaw seems to be more interesting now it is closed! The concert will include the first modern performances of music originally created for the court of the Cardinal Duke of York. Let`s hope the music isn`t as dull as Benedict XIV said the Cardinal Duke was.


St Cuthbert’s Chapel, Ushaw.
Time: 7:30pm start (seated by 7:20pm)
Ticket price: £10
Catholic Theology in the public Academy
A programme of sacred and secular vocal and instrumental music associated with the British Catholic recusant community from the late 16th century and the break with Rome to the late 18th century. Includes works by William Byrd, Matthew Locke, Innocenzo Fede, Nicola Matteis and some exciting first modern performances of new discoveries.
Please send cheques and include either email or postal address to receive tickets. Cheques
should be made payable to “
Durham University Centre for Catholic Studies
” to:
Dr Lucy Underwood,
Department of Theology and Religion,
Centre for Catholic Studies,
Durham University,
Abbey House,
Palace Green,
Durham DH1 3RS,
England, UK.
For further information:
Dr Lucy Underwood: l.a.underwood@durham.ac.uk


Anonymous said...

How many people actually use cheques nowadays to pay for things? Even my newsagent has a debit-card reader when I pay for some six months' evening papers...


Rubricarius said...

I wish I could be there - some wonderful music promised.

1569 Rising said...

I have very warm feelings of singing Palestrina, Byrd, Victoria etc as a member of Fr Hollis' choir in the early 1960's. Of course, they were sung as part of High Mass.

The Perosi "Gloria" still makes my skin creep, (in the nicest possible way)

L D said...

I presume, 1569 Rising, that you have a copy of the tape produced from recordings made by Canon Hollis in the late 1950s. It includes the Perosi Gloria. You are probably on it. It was produced by the St Cuthbert's Society and copies could be obtained from Fr Charles Lynch, Our Lady of Sorrows, in Liverpool.

Pat Mac said...

Sounds interesting father but aren't you at the Sage?!

Fr Michael Brown said...

So I am! I`d forgotten!

1569 Rising said...

Actually, LD, there are several versions of the Perosi Gloria on Youtube. But none can compare with the 400 strong Ushaw voices. We shall never hear their like again.

Strange how Canon Hollis became so much taken up with the Novus Ordo. Of course, he was music adviser to ICEL.