Monday, October 29, 2012

Faure on Friday at Forest Hall

I always like to have a sung Mass on All Souls` Day. This year, thanks to our LMS representative, David O`Neill who has contact with the Jesmond Choral Group and Priory Singers, the Requiem will be sung to the setting by Faure. We are also fortunate in having the services of Fr Phillips and deacon Andrew Bunce so that we will be able to have a Solemn High Mass. We will be using a silk black High Mass set which was made in Macao. Mass is at St Mary`s at 7.30pm followed by refreshments.
Somewhat overshadowed by this, there will be an Extraordinary Form Low Mass at SS Peter and Paul`s, Longbenton for the feast of All Saints at 7.30pm. As usual I will be thinking of Fr Oswald Baker of Downham Market and his famous recording of Mass for All Saints from the 70`s when he was driven out of the diocese of East Anglia for his adherence to the Extraordinary Form. We live in happier times although there are still pockets of resistance to the legitimate place of the Extraordinary Form in the life of mainstream Catholic life. Who knows one day even the diocesan website may mention the Extraordinary Form?


1569 Rising said...

I have just seen a flock of Gloucester Old Spots flying over Rowlands Gill headed for Bishop's House.

(I am becoming much too cynical for my own good)

ScepticalBeliever said...

Good spotting, 1965! They would be the Glocester Old Spots from Emsley’s Farm at Yeadon, near Leeds. They are excellent flyers. At about the same time I saw a few Tamworths from Yearle in Nothumberland. Wonderful to see so many over Hexham and Newcastle.