Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mixed Reactions

A while back I noticed on Fr Blake`s blog  that this blog had been listed on an American site `Peter`s List` in a list of seven blogs by traditional Catholic priests (although this title was disputed in the comments presumably by those who think anyone who is in communion with the Holy See cannot be described as traditional). I was amazed to be mentioned among these  priest bloggers as I can think of a good number of priestly blogs which have more substance than this effort. However Peter`s List had this to say about FM:

Forest Murmurs is another blog often cited on traditionalist Catholic blog-rolls and appears to be primarily categorized by news clippings of traditional interests. A good example would be the happy news of the Institute of Christ the King purchasing a historically Jesuit – and unused – Church in Ireland.

Thanks for the plug Peter`s List!

However murmurs have reached the Forest that not everyone is as happy with this blog. Some people apparently think this blog is `against Vatican II`!!! Further enquiry as to how this could be produced little of substance except something about promoting Mass ad orientem. If you are someone who visits this  blog and seriously thinks this blog is at odds with that council then I ask you to please enlighten me as to where I have contradicted it. I don`t think anyone who has read Vatican II will find anything here that goes against its decrees.


Fr Gary Dickson said...

Father, if you were hsbitually celebrating the Ordinary Form ad orietem as I do, a supportive comment for that orientation could still not constitute beng against Vatican II. After all, the 'Missanormativa' which folloewed Vatican II as the final result of its liturgical renewal, still directed and directs the ad-orientem orientation in its rubrics and in its IG. It is those who see Vatican II as a new beginning or at least as turning over of what went before that are living contrary to the Council: after all, there cannot be a diffent Faith after any Council; we can only hand on and develop what we have received, not alter it. Do not worry -I wish you were a bit more Traditional at times!

Anonymous said...

Methinks that "Senior Cleric" displayed his own prejudice and his ignorance.
You walk with the Church imho.

1569 Rising said...

Your loyalty to the Holy See and the Magisterium is unquestioned.

This particular reader knows how your spiritual guidance has saved at least one soul from lapsing.

God Bless you, Father.

Holy Family Guild said...

Let us hope that the 'senior cleric' rereads his Vatican II documents as suggested by Benedict XVI for the coming Year of Faith.

Fr Simon Henry said...

Dear Fr Michael,

I too was listed on the St Peter's site of traditional priests who blog. I have learned that many of our brethren seem to believe:
1. That many practices are "traditional" (which they choose to mean old-fashioned and out of date) which are in fact completely normal and normative according to the teaching of the Church and Vatican II. I think this stems from a mixture of ignorance and personal prejudice.
2. That once idenitified as such, these "traditional" priests are some from of lunatic and can be ignored, sidelined and mocked.

The great irony is that it is they who are in fact out of step with what the Church teaches and with the hermeneutic of continuity implemented by Pope Benedict and with all the latest and most up-to-date thinking that is engagig the parts of the Church that are thriving and growing.
Keep up the good work.

David O'Neill said...

What can I add? Just like 'boys will be boys' so 'idiots will be idiots'. If they can't be defining about what you are supposedly doing contra Vat II they'll still chunter

Sixupman said...

Vatican II: can mean whatever one wants it to mean [Aice in Wonderland?].

Fr. Dickson: ".. we can only hand on ..... what we have received [and] not alter it.. ". Where have I heard that before? Oh, I know, Msgr. Lefebvbre. [Just teasing.]