Friday, August 31, 2012

40,000 celebrate St Aidan`s Day

Here are  few pictures of the 1951 celebrations at Ushaw for the 1300th annniversary of St Aidan`s death. They haven`t scanned as well as I`d hoped.Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them.

And one from an an earlier pilgrimage to Lindisfarne.


English Pastor said...

I doubt we could muster 4000 for such a celebration today. Where oh where is the great renewal we were promised for today in the 1960's? And why do those who keep on saying how great the 60's and 70's were for the Church continue to overlook the devastation wrought by the poor catechisis and self-indulgent liturgy we have promoted during those last few decades? We need a return to solid catechesis that teaches the Faith in terms of what we believe and why, and a liturgy that is focused upon propitiation and adoration of God?

Ttony said...

Father, you're unlikely to be able to reproduce those photographs without the chequered overlay unless you can get hold of the original negatives: the magazine images were prepared after the negatives had been processed.

(I've be caught out by this in a series of magazines I had permission to scan and the negatives were all lost years ago.)