Monday, June 04, 2012

New Blog

I`ve a number of things to blog about but Fr Henry`s blog has reminded me I should have mentioned Fr Gary Dickson is the co-author of a new blog, Catholic Collar and Tie. The Tie part is provided by Andrew McDowell. Fr Dickson has had quite a number of letters in the Catholic press over the years and I am delighted that he has finally taken to blogging. It`s good to have another Hexham and Newcastle blog too: Fr Dickson is parish priest in Thornley, Co Durham. Looking at the blog also reminds me I was going to write about Fr Grieves ordination last Tuesday so I hope to do so as soon as I can.


David O'Neill said...

Hope you add this to your blogroll as I'm not bright enough to get there otherwise

1569 Rising said...

Fr Martin Cassidy (of blessed memory, my Lad) would be ashamed of a St Cuthbert's Lad confessing to be "not bright enough".'s another Cuthbertian,diluted by a dose of Ushaw pod requesting an addition to the blogroll.

Kernow said...

This is the only positive comment I have ever seen regarding the former Headmaster. I would be pleased if you could apologise for it. He was an evil and detestable man