Monday, January 09, 2012

And even more about Ushaw

Just as I was wondering what was happening regrdaing Ushaw college I see that today there has been an announcement about the temporary arrangement with Durham University Business School. The whole story can be read here.

Since it is always interetsing to know what bishop Mark Davies has to say here is his comment from the story today:

Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury said: "This announcement by Durham University is very much to be welcomed and there are solid grounds to be confident that this temporary re-location of staff and students will prove to be successful.”

"It is securely based on the ever stronger working relationship between Durham University and Ushaw College as the future of the whole Ushaw Estate is addressed."


robertatforsythe said...

very pleasing to see good news about Ushaw for a change

1569 Rising said...


This has got to be the best piece of news I have read since Dave's Veto!

Seriously, this is very, very good, and all Ushaw Men should be delighted. Thank God.

In omnes sumentes, scutum fidei.
Deo Gratias

Terry Middleton, Low Figures 1958 - Poetry 1963

1569 Rising said...

And there was I, thinking that the eminent readership of the Murmuring Forest had at least a nodding aquaintance with the Latin language. Obviously Ushaw men from the olden days will be suffering from creeping, or galloping clouding of the mind and dulling of the memory.

But I felt certain that someone would have picked up on my deliberate mistake. Of course, the error was deliberate and just placed there to test everyone.

In omnes sumentes scutum fidei

In omnibus sumentes scutum fidei

Tut Tut

King Tut...Tut said...

1569 - It could be, of course, that we ALL (even omnibus) noticed it but were reluctant to point out your error to save your embarrassment.
I noticed another error. You said: "Obviously Ushaw men from the olden days will be suffering from creeping, or galloping clouding of the mind and dulling of the memory." I am sure you missed a 'g' from the front of 'olden' and meant to say 'Ushaw men from the 'golden' days.....'

1569 Rising said...

Your Majesty,

I am awestruck at the thought that the greatest of Egyptian Kings has deigned to grace this humble blog with his wise and apposite comments. Did you clear it with your Mummy, or did some Geza persuade you?

I take your point about my omitting the "g" from "olden". Silly of me, but I am only a humble scribe in the House of the Lord.