Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some Definite Purpose

Every parish in England and Wales has received copies of a leaflet entitled `Some Definite Purpose` which outlines what we should be doing next after last year`s papal visit. I must sit down and read it and see what we can do. However I must admit that I was motivated to pick up a copy after receiving a text from the mother of one of our children telling me that the picture on the front and on page two from `The Big Assembly` featured her son and another pupil from our school as well as the head Mr Fallon! Good to see St Stephen`s school at the heart of the Church`s mission! They were fortunate to get front row seats.

As from Easter Mr Fallon takes over as head of our school at St Mary`s, Forest Hall too. He has done great things at St Stephen`s and so we look forward to the ideas he will bring to St Mary`s too.
UPDATE 15.02.11 More on St Stephen`s and Mr Fallon in the Newcastle Evening Chronicle tonight here.


Seeker said...

The leaflet has not been mentioned in our Parish yet Father. Are there copies to be distributed, or just referred to?

Anonymous said...

It is a 'legacy' project, apparently.
Wonderful as the visit was, in effect most people weren't welcome to events, including clergy. The few that could go to things will long remember the experience. For the rest it happened and it all looked very nice. End of story.
You cant recreate enthusiasm for something that most people only saw on their TV screens. Being busy, I recorded most of the events, skimmed through on FF and deleted, It wasn't quite the same as being there.
The Holy Father said many wonderful things, celebrated some beautiful liturgies- but many of his words and actions ring hollow now that he's gone and left us in the hands of our local shepherds....

Fr Michael Brown said...

Seeker, every parish should have had the leaflets. Ask your PP.

Sadie Vacantist said...

For our parish priest, the visit didn't take place. Never once been mentioned.