Sunday, December 20, 2009

Breakthrough at St Peter`s, Rome.

I`ve been sent news that things are improving at St Peter`s with regards to priests being able to say Mass in the Extraordinary Form. My information says:

Cardinal Comastri, Arch-Priest of St. Peter, has ordered the sacristy of the Vatican Basilica to have four 1962 Missals available for priests wishing to celebrate the Holy Mass according to the usus antiquior. The whole story is in this Italian link.
More of the background to this and the recent FIUV conference in Rome can be read on Joseph Shaw`s blog here.


zadok said...

Isn't there a story that the then Cardinal Ratzinger personally bought St.Peter's several'62 Missals to stop the sacristans using a supposed lack of books to block priests saying the Extraordinary Form?

Thomas More said...

I would be rather more impressed if Pope Benedict XVI himself used one of the missals said to have been bought by Cardinal Ratzinger.